Number Fill-Ins # 1

Number Fill-Ins # 1

Number fill-ins is a perfect game to relax, you have to put numbers in a grid.  This is an ideal game to do when  you just want to simulate, not rack, your brain. So this is two new puzzles. So I present you two Number Fill-ins puzzles (13x13)

Number Fill-ins 13x13n 1

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle:fill_in_13x13_00001 .pdf

Solution :fill_in_13x13_00001 _sol.pdf

Number Fill-ins 13x13n 2

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle:fill_in_13x13_00002 .pdf

Solution :fill_in_13x13_00002 _sol.pdf

I want to remind you that my book Number Fill-ins Brain Exercises is available on Amazon.



 Enjoy !

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