Multi Sudoku: TheTrio no 04

There are three new multi-Sudoku puzzles for you, each one have a different configuration. But I know you enough to think that you will enjoy solving these puzzles. So don't wait, let's get started.


Trio no 187

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : trio_00187.pdf

Solution : trio_00187_sol.pdf



Trio no 8

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : trio_00008.pdf

Solution : trio_00008_sol.pdf



Trio no 267

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : trio_00267.pdf

Solution : trio_00267_sol.pdf

Enjoy !

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Sudoku Multi e n 01

Just to illustrate the different variety of Sudoku, I present you three different variation of Sudoki puzzles. The first one is composed of 2 Sudoku sharing 6 regions.

Sudoku Duo no 296

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : duo_00296.pdf

Solution : duo_00296_sol.pdf 


The second one involves 3 Sudokus sharing 4 regions.

Sudoku Trio no 1


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : trio_00001.pdf

Solution : trio_00001_sol.pdf 


The last one is composed of 4 Sudoku.

Sudoku Quadro no 1a

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : quad_00001a.pdf

Solution : quad_00001a_sol.pdf 

All these marvelous puzzles (and many more diffferent variation) can be found in my book Spectacular Sudoku Variants available on Amazon

Spectacular Sudoku Variants

Have a good day !!!

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Multi Sudoku: the Trio no 03

This is two Multi Sudoku puzzles, each one made up of three Sudokus : The Trio. The first one has a configuration on a half Samurai.

Multi Sudoku Trio no 1

The printable files PDF.



The second on is shaped differently. Each Suduku shares 4 regions with an another Sudoku.


Multi Sudoku Trio no 2157

The printable files PDF.



Enjoy !!!

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Multi Sudoku : The Trio : n 02

As you known the Trio is a Multi-Sudoku composed of three Sudoku interlaced. It has many configurations possible for assembling three Sudoku. So I present you three different forms. The first one is compsed of two Sudoku sharing 4 regions (3x3 block) and these two sharing each one two block with a third Sudoku (the lower one).

Multi Suduku Trio : 7

The printable files PDF.




The second has the same form by symmetry.

Multi Suduku Trio : 96

The printable files PDF.



And finaly in the next one each Sudoku shares 4 regions with another Sudoku. 

Multi Suduku Trio : 78

The printable files PDF.




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