Killer Sudoku # 5

The Killer Sudoku is always a challenging puzzle, it has no given only cages (the dotted box) that gives the sum of all numbers inside. But this is enough to solve this puzzle but also we need patience and cleverness.

Killer no 53

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: killer_000053.pdf

Solution :killer_000053_sol.pdf


Killer no 54

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: killer_000054.pdf

Solution :killer_000054_sol.pdf

 Bye !!!.

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Killer Sudoku e no :2

Why not some Killer Sudoku to pass time. So this is two medium Killer Sudoku. The first one:

Killer no 6656

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: killer_006656.pdf

Solution : killer_006656_sol.pdf

And the second one:

Killer no 6657

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: killer_006657.pdf

Solution : killer_006657_sol.pdf


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Killer Sudoku Challenge 1

Enjoy !!


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Killer Sudoku

It is not everyone that love Killer Sudoku. but for the few ones that love this puzzle it is an addiction. It is understandable resolving a KIller require a lot o subltelty and concentration. I intend to write a section for the rules. But mainly it have the same rules that regular sudoku but the KIller has an additional feature :  cages. A cages is a dotted box delimited some cells with a number, the he sum of the number in  the cell nust equal the number appearing a the top of the cage. Usualy a Killer has no givens.  So this is three puzzles.

KIller Sudoku no 1

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_000001.pdf

Solution : killer_000001_sol.pdf

KIller Sudoku no 6206

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_006206.pdf

Solution : killer_006206_sol.pdf

KIller Sudoku no 7951

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_007951.pdf

Solution : killer_007951_sol.pdf




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