Round Trip

Round Trip # 2

First of all, I want to wish to all my readers an Happy Holliday ( Christmass, Winter Soltice or other). Take the occasion to celebrate an meet your loved ones.


But also try to find the time to enjoy yourself by resolving these two Round trip puzzles (Rules of Round Trip). This is a pleasant puzzle, which does not need numbers or words but only simple lines. The goal is to complete the puzzle by drawing line such that each dot is visited once by the lines forming one big loop.

Round trip 8X8 n 2

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :baton_8X8_00002.pdf

Solution :baton_8X8_00002_sol.pdf


Round trip 8X8 n 3

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :baton_8X8_00003.pdf

Solution :baton_8X8_00003_sol.pdf

Again I wish you a merry Christmass !!!.


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A new puzzle : The Round Trip !

I am proud to present you my latest creation : the Round Trips Puzzle (also known as Grand Tour). This puzzle is very simple, in a grid  where some lines are drawny your taxk is to draw a path visiting each dot once such that at the end a closed loop linking each dot is done (see Rules of Round Trip). Each puzzle is solvable by logic, so no guess is required. This puzzle comes in a wide array of variety of difficulty and size. If you try it you woll love it, because this puzzle has the quality of a good puzzle: Simple rule and challenging to solve. The only prerequisite needed is to love to train your brain.

In order to introduce you to this puzzle I provide you 4 Round Trip puzzles with different size, but each one with an easy level of difficulty, so dont be afraid.

1) The first one of size 6x6.

Round Trip 6x6 n 1


The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : baton_6X6_00001.pdf

Solution: baton_6X6_00001_sol.pdf

2) The second one of size 6x6.

Round Trip 6x6 n 2


The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : baton_6X6_00002.pdf

Solution: baton_6X6_00002_sol.pdf

3) The third one of size 8x8.

Round Trip 8x8 n 1


The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : baton_8X8_00001.pdf

Solution: baton_8X8_00001_sol.pdf

4) Finaly the last one of size 10x10..

Round Trip 10x10 n 1


The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : baton_10X10_00001.pdf

Solution: baton_10X10_00001_sol.pdf

I hope you will enjoy these puzzles !

I will appreciate if you give me comments about htis puzzle,

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