Super Spark

Super Sudoku Spark 16x16

Imagine if we could modify the shape of a  Super Sudoku 16X16. If we look carefully at one puzzle.

We notice that this puzzle is composed of 16 regions of size 4X4, but we could divide the puzzle into 4 parts of 8X8.

By example a Super Sudoku has 4 regions of 8X8 like this.

I was wandering what could happen if we want to insert an another region of size 8X8 into this puzzle. The most obviously method like this


produces this puzzle:

Spark 8 5 no 1434
In fact this puzzle is a Spark Sudoku (Rules of Spark Sudoku) with region of 4x4 like the Super Sudoku. This is a Super Sudoku with 5 regions of 8X8 instead of 4 regions. This is my latest creation, I believe that this puzzle will please all puzzlers. I intend soon to create a book about the different variation of the Super Sudoku.
This is the printables files.
Puzzle :spark_8_5_01424,pdf
Solution : spark_8_5_01424_sol,pdf

Super Spark Sudoku # 8

I Know that  I repeat myself (I am old) but you could find Super Spark Sudoku  (Rules of Spark Sudoku) only on this website. So this puzzle is an octagram, a star with eight points.  The goal : fill up the grid with number from 1 to 12. such as each region, clomn and row has no repetition.

Super Spark 8 n 3

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : spark_6_8_00003.pdf

Solution : spark_6_8_00003_sol.pdf

Have a good day !!

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Super Spark Sudoku # 7

Last week I talked about Spark Sudoku, now I provide you with a Super Spark Sudoku puzzle. The rules are the same (Rules of Spark Sudoku), do not forget to use numbers 1 to 12. Like the Spark Sudoku, you can only see these puzzles on this website. So enough talking, lets play !

Super Spark 5 n 5

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : spark_6_5_00005.pdf

Solution : spark_6_5_00005_sol.pdf


For the lovers of this puzzle, be aware that you could find plenty of Super Spark Suduku puzzles in my book Super Spark Sudoku Challenge 1. It is the perfect book for those who are boring with the conventional puzzles.

Have a good day !!.


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Super Spark Sudoku e: n 06

I have two Super Spark Sudoku ( Rules of Spark Sudoku) puzzles just for your total enjoyment. You need to use numbers form 1 to 12. These two ones are heptagrams (star with 7 arms). I  hope you will have fun. 


Super Spark Sudoku 7 298

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: spark_6_7_00298.pdf

Solution :spark_6_7_00298_sol.pdf




Super Spark Sudoku 7 299

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: spark_6_7_00299.pdf

Solution :spark_6_7_00299_sol.pdf


Enjoy !!

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