Spark Sudoku

Rules of Spark Sudoku

I am proud of this Sudoku variant and I believe that I am the first to offer you this kind of puzzle. This puzzle with its variety of form and size will please everyone.

The Spark Sudoku is a sudoku in a shape of star. It has two kinds of puzzle: the Spark where each point contains 16 cells and the Super Spark Sudoku where the points has 36 cells. Like as Sudoku, the goal is to place the number from 1 to 8 in each region, row and column (for the Super Spark it is the number 1 to 12). The particularity is that each row and column spread on two points of the star.They are 4 variants of Spark Sudoku:

  • Star with 5 points: pentagram.
  • Star with 6 points: hexagram.
  • Star with 7 points: heptagram.
  • Star with 8 points : octogram.

This is an example of pentagram  (5 points)

Spark Sudoku GrilleSpark Sudoku Solution

              Spark Sudoku Pentagram                                  Spark Sudoku Solution


Notice that each row and column occupy two points and each point has two regions.

Now the hexagram (6 points)

Spark Sudoku 6 branches
Spark Sudoku 6 points

The puzzle




The heptagram (7 points)

Spark Sudoku Heptagramme
Spark Sudoku Heptagramme

The puzzle




And finally the octogram  (8 points).

Spark Sudoku Octogramme
Spark Sudoku Octogram.

The puzzle






Super Spark Sudoku

The Super Spark Sudoku is different from the Spark Sudoku by its size, each point has 3 regions and you have to fill the number 1 to 12 in each region,row and column. It appears in 4 forms of star ( 5 to 8 points) . 

So, this is a pentagram,

Super Spark Sudoku
Super Spark Sudoku: pentagram

The puzzle




and a heptagram (7 points).

Super Spark Sudoku Heptagramme
Super Spark Sudoku Heptagram

The puzzle





Don't hesitate to take the challenge by resolving these puzzles.




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