Rosace Sudoku

Rosace Sudoku # 1

This is my latest addition : The Rosace Sudoku ( a rosace is a circular ornamental) Rules of Sudoku Rosace.  The most striking feature is that this puzzle is made of circles. You have to write the numbers from 1 to 9 in each region and arc. The puzzle has 5 regions delimited by bold lines and nine arcs. It seems easier than a Sudoku with only 45 numbers to write (instead of 81 for a standard Sudoku) but you will be puzzled with the curving lines. Brief a lot of pleasures are waiting for you. There are two puzzles just for you.

Rosace : 5367



The printable files PDF

Puzzle : rosa_05367.pdf

Solution :rosa_05367_sol.pdf

Rosace : 7017



The printable files PDF

Puzzle : rosa_07017.pdf

Solution :rosa_07017_sol.pdf


Have fun

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