Rules of Penrose Sudoku

Rules of Penrose Sudoku

  This is Penrose Sudoku and its solution.

The most striking  feature of this puzzle is the shape of the grid. The grid is built following the famous Penrose tiling, discovered by Sir Roger Penrose. The usual Sudoku rules are the same: in each column, row and region put all numbers from 1 to 8 without repetition. The rows and columns are not rectilinears as in the usual Sudoku, they starts on the edge and they take any direction based on the form of the cells.

Each region is delimited by the bold line, but to identify a row is a little bit disorienting for someone used to the straigth lines of the classical Sudoku. First of all, each row or column start at one edge of the grid like that.


The arrows identify each starting point, after selecting a starting point, then you have to follow the path built cell by cell, always selecting the next cell that are at the opposite side of the cell. By example the row starting at the  place pointed by the arrow is indicated by the red path, Notice at each cell, the following cell is the one situated at the opposite.  

I show you all the row or column in the following figure.

You will be destabilized by the sinuosity of the row and column (at this point I am not sure if we could distinguish a row from a column and I should use only one term: row or column) but this is exactly what we sometime need in life : something that force us to be outside our comfort zone.

 By the way you could downlaod this puzzle : 

Puzzle :sudo_pene_00043.pdf

Solution :sudo_pene_00043_sol.pdf


You will enjoy this puzzle.


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