Super Sudoku Three Dimensions

Sudoku three Dimensions # 10

This is a new Sudoku Three Dimensions puzzle ( Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions) which is waiting to be resolved. For those who don’t know this puzzle you will be puzzled at first because each row and column does not follow a direct straight line path. But the reward of beating this beast will be greater !

Sudoku three Dimensions 61 605


The printables files PDF.

Puzzle: sucu_61_2_00605.pdf

Solution :sucu_61_2_00605_sol.pdf

Please let me promote my book Sudoku 3 Dimensions Challenge which contains a ton of this delicious puzzle. Buy it !! you will be pleased !! 



Have fun!!!.

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Super Sudoku Three Dimensions # 3

The Super Sudoku (16X16) Three Dimensions (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions) could been seen only on this website. This puzzle could take a lot of different shape, in fact I have estimated that I am able to create  232 847 different configurations.  It looks daunting with its impresive combination of three Super Sudokus (of size 16X16) shaped as a three dimensional Sudoku. But this not a reason to not take the challenge, in fact this puzzle will keep you busy for long time. But at the end you will feel pride of having tamed the beast. You need to enter the number from 1 to 16 into each region (box of 16x16) and each row and column. The row and column are dertermined by the 4 first regions in line with an edge. So if you start on one edge (anyone) you have 8 regions before reaching the other edge of the puzzle. The bold lines indicate the separation beetween two columns or rows.  

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions n 2420


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : sucu_g_12_2_02420.pdf

Solution : sucu_g_12_2_02420_sol.pdf

One of my New Year's resolution is to publish a book about this monster this year. 

I wish a good week to anyone who survives this puzzle, and for the other also !!!.

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Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2


My visitors know my Sudoku three Dimensions puzzle (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions). Recently I have adapted this puzzle for the Super Sudoku ( 16X16 Sudoku), I nammed this puzzle the Super Sudoku Three Dimensions, the same rules applied except this puzzle could take 232 847 different forms ( the way to arrange the faces of the cube, in comparison the regular has 979 possible configurations). It means that you could use a lot of long time just trying to resolve each configuration of this puzzle. 

So for the first time I give you a puzzle without the solution. The first one that send me the solution ( a picture of the puzzle completed with your name) will receive one of my book (of his/her choice), I will send the book anywhere in the world  (the inhabitants of Mars are not allowed to participate in this competition- this is just for the shipping charge ) .

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2164

And now this is the puzzle (PDF) :

Puzzle : sucu_g_10_3_02164.pdf

The name of the winner will be published on this website, this puzzle will challenge you and I am not afraid that you find a solver for this kind of puzzle. 

Good luck !



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Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 1

This is my latest novelty, it is the fruit of love between the Super Sudoku 16X16 and the Sudoku Three Dimensions. In fact this is a Sudoku Three Dimensions on steroid, instead of using 3 standard Sudoku of size 9x9 it uses 3 Sudoku of size 16x16. Then you have 16 rows, columns and region and you use the numbers from 1 to 16 in each Sudoku. Don't forget that this is here that you have seen this puzzle for the  first time. So I present you 2 puzzles, try it, this is a real challenge.

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 110


The printable files PDF

Puzzle : sucu_g_0_2_00110.pdf

Solution : sucu_g_0_2_00110_sol.pdf

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2471


The printable files PDF

Puzzle : sucu_g_12_3_02471.pdf

Solution : sucu_g_12_3_02471_sol.pdf

Your comments are welcome and enjoy !!!


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