Sudoku three Dimensions

Sudoku three Dimensions # 6

After all these explanations about Suguru (Rules of Suguru are updated), I beleive it could be interesting to tackle an another challenge: The Sudoku three Dimensions ( Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions). 

Sudoku three Dimensions 26 0251


The printables files PDF.

Puzzle: sucu_26_1_00251.pdf

Solution :sucu_26_1_00251_sol.pdf


You can find a lot of this puzzle in my book Sudoku Three Dimension Challenge available on Amazon Sudoku three Dimensions Challenge.

Have funn!!!.

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Sudoku three Dimensions no 05

This a Sudoku Three Dimensions (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions), this puzzle is waiting for you. Dont remember that if you like this kind of puzzle that you will find these puzzles in my book : Sudoku 3 Dimensions Challenge. This is a agreable distraction to your little worries.

Sudoku 3 Dimensions 40-395

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : sucu_40_1_00395.pdf   

Solution : sucu_40_1_00395_sol.pdf

So have fun !!!.

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Sudoku three Dimensions no 04

Last week I presented you the Super Sudoku Three Dimensions, this week I present you the more modest (or human ?) puzzle the Sudoku Three Dimensions (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions). Even if these puzzles are less impressive than the Super Sudoku Three Dimensions they  will sustain your captivation.   

The first one.

Sudoku 3 Dimensions n 294


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sucu_30_2_00294.pdf

Solution : sucu_30_2_00294_sol.pdf

And the second one.


Sudoku 3 Dimensions n 1362


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sucu_137_1_01362.pdf

Solution : sucu_1_01362_sol.pdf

Enjoy !!

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Sudoku three Dimensions no 3

This year I have developed a new puzzle that I am proud: the Sudoku Three Dimensions ( Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions) . Resolving this kind of puzzle is not a piece of cake but it is very challenging, this is why so many people like it. But you are not obliged to believe me, try the puzzle and you will see. 

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : sucu_161_1_01605.pdf

Solution : sucu_161_1_01605_sol.pdf

My book Sudoku 3 Dimensions Challenge has 162 puzzles. This is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves Sudoku. It will please the ones who likes to use their brains for resolving puzzles.


Sudoku 3 Dimensions Challenge


Have fun !!