Multi Sudokube

Multi Sudokube, a novelty

Recently I presented you my latest puzzle: the Sudokube ( A new Sudoku 3D puzzle: Sudokube).  I have perfected this puzzle to add more cubes (like my Hyper Sudoku puzzles). The final result is the Multi Sudokube. This puzzle is formed by two or three Sudokubes. I have updated the rules to show you this novelty (SudoKube). Even with only one Sudokube you are compelled to think outside the box because the rows and colomns do not follow a straight line (like in usual Sudoku puzzles), in fact the rows and columns spread on two sides of the cube. But with 2 or 3 Sudokube puzzles joined together,  the rows and columns in addition could also spread on two sides of two different cubes when to cubes are touching. You are immerged in a totaly new dimension !!! Nothing less. This is a truly 3D Sudoku.

To see by yourself, I present you a Multi Sudokube with two cubes, do not forget to see the rules (SudoKube).

Multi Sudokube 2 n 1


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :sudokube_2_d_5_00001.pdf

Solution :sudokube_2_d_5_00001_sol.pdf

Have fun !!!

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