Sumo # 5

The Sudoku lovers will be pleased with this Sumo puzzle, because, first of all, this puzzle is made of 13 overlapped Sudoku puzzles. The only reaction is to try it !! 

Sumo no 99


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Sumo_00099.pdf.

Solution : Sumo_00099_sol.pdf

Just a short reminder I have published three Sumo books:  Sumo Challenge,  Sumo Challenge 2  and Sumo Challenge 3  each one having 64 puzzles. 


 Sumo Challenge 1,2 and 3.

Have a good week !!

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Sumo e no 4

If you are tired to do alway the same thing, if you want to relax and change your mind. Stop ! I have the cure for your problems. First of all print this puzzle: it is a Sumo (an amalgation of 13 sudokus). Second find a quiet place, preferably under a tree or on a beach. Finaly take a pen and try to resolve this puzzle. You will be in another world. So dont wait.

Sumo no 145


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Sumo_00145.pdf.

Solution : Sumo_00145_sol.pdf

If you want more Sumo, you could buy my two nooks on the subjet: Sumo Challenge and Sumo Challenge 2, each one with 64 Sumo Puzzles ! I am proud to say that I was the fisrt to publish this kind of puzzle.


 Sumo Challenge 1 and 2 !!!.

Have a good week !!

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Sumo e :no 3

This is a Sumo ( an puzzle composed of 13 Sudokus), so it required a little bit more time and patience to resolve. But I have confidence in your abilities. Ennjoy!!!

Sumo n 01

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: Sumo_00001.pdf

Solution :Sumo_00001_sol.pdf

If you like this kind of puzzle, you will be pleased with my two books about Sumo ( Sumo Challenge 1 and Sumo Challenge 2, each one available on Amazon).


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Sumo e no 2

For many the holidays season is a welcome period to rest and relax (with many occasions to festive). The Sumo Sudoku is suitable for these period because it required... first, time and second a well-disposed mind. So this is my contribution for yours holidays.

Sumo Sudoku no 315

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : Sumo_00315.pdf

Solution: Sumo_00315_sol.pdf

 If you crave for thiese puzzles, don't worry you could find a lot of this puzzle in my two books : Sumo Challenge and the second with the not less original title Sumo Challenge 2.

Sumo Challenge             Sumo Challenge 2

Enjoy !!

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