Space Ships

Space Ships # 1

Space Ships


Here is a new game: The Ships, in fact it is an adaptation of a Spanish game called "nave".

Your task is neither more nor less than to defend the Earth against invaders from space. You have to find in a grid where these space ships are located. But moreover you must know the power of each ship so that we can properly neutralize them.

So in a grid there is one ship per row and column and each ship has a power between 1 and 9. To help you, there are radars, which are circles with numbers and arrows around them. The arrows of the radars indicate in which directions the ships are detected and the number indicates the total power of the ships that this radar has detected.

With this you have enough information to accomplish these two tasks and thus save humanity. It is important to know that a radar points in the direction of a ship if it is on its line, column or diagonal. If it does not point in a certain direction then this direction has no ships.  So by using your reasoning and knowing that there is one ship per row and column then you can find the location of all the ships.

Once you have found them you need to find their powers. You can complete the table at the bottom of the grid by indicating the ships (identified by the letter of the line) which must be added to arrive at the total of the radar. At the end you have the same number of equations as there are ships and with some very simple algebraic manipulations you can find the power of each ship. See in the rules there is an example of how to solve this puzzle (Rules of the Space Ships). 

Each game is designed to be logically solvable and all powers can be found without guessing. The Space Ships puzzle requires both logical and mathematical skills. 

Here are three games of three different sizes, it's time to get your brain working.  


Nave 8x8 : 13

The printables files PDF.

Puzzle : nave_8_00013.pdf



Nave 10x10 : 13

The printables files PDF.

Puzzle : nave_10_00013.pdf



Nave 12x12 : 13

The printables files PDF.

Puzzle : nave_12_00013.pdf


Have fun !

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