Sudoku Shogun e n: 2

The last time that I published a Sudoku Shogun was in 2015. So just for your delight I provide you a Shogun.

Shogun n 285

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: shog_00285.pdf

Solution: shog_00285_sol.pdf


Dont forget that you can find these puzzles in my book Shogun Challenge 1 available on Amazon. This is a perfect gift for any enthusiast lover of Sudoku puzzles !!. 

Shogun Challenge 1

Have a good time !!!

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Book on Shogun

I want to present you my latest book, Shogun Challenge 1  available on . For the newcomer a Shogun is a puzzle composed with 11 Sudoku. The books contains 80 Shogun and it would please anyone looking for challenge.

Shogun Challenge no 1


Just to have a brief overview of the the kind of puzzle inside this book I present you an inedit Shogun.

Shogun 00666

The printables files PDF

Puzzle: shog_00666.pdf

Solution :shog_00666_sol.pdf


Enjoy !.


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Sudoku Shogun e: 1

The Shogun Sudoku is a composition of 11 Sudoku. At first the Shogun seems impressive, each Sudoku grid cannot be resolved alone, we must take in account the clues of the neighbouring grids.  In order to resolve this puzzle you need time and patienc. To initiate you to this fascinating puzzle I provide you two easy Shogun.

Sudoku Shogun 18Sudoku Shogun :00018

The printable version :PDF

Shogun :Shogun 00018.pdf

Solution :Shogun 00018_sol.pdf


If ever you want more.

Sudoku Shogun : 00019
Sudoku Shogun : 00019


The printable version :PDF

Shogun :Shogun 00019.pdf

Solution :Shogun 00019_sol.pdf

Enjoy !

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