Suguru # 9

I can not let yoy without Suguru before Christmas time. Consequently, this is two  Suguru puzzles (Rules of Suguru), you dont need the advanced technics to solved them. But it doesnt that they are without challenges. ! The first one is pretty calm with a size of 7X7.


Suguru 7X7 n 11

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_7X7_00011.pdf

Solution : suguru_7X7_00011_sol.pdf

2) This one is of size 8X16.

Suguru 8X16 n 9

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_8X16_00009.pdf

Solution : suguru_8X16_00009_sol.pdf

In case you were unaware, I have published two Suguru books, subtlety named Suguru Challenge  and Suguru Challenge v 2. They have plenty of Suguru puzzles, in fact 251, of various size and level of difficulty. Yhese book will fill you with happiness. 



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Suguru # 8 The practice

Following the publication about the new way to solve Suguru (Rules of Suguru). I want to show you two puzzle that required the technics explained to be solved. The first one is about the technic called the election (Technic 1: Election),

Suguru 26 Election


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :suguru_4X6_00026.pdf

Solution : suguru_4X6_00026_sol.pdf.

And the second one is about the technic the exclusion: Technic 2: Exclusion.


Suguru 29 Exclusion


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :suguru_4X6_00029.pdf

Solution : suguru_4X6_00029_sol.pdf.

Have fun !.

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Suguru e # 7

For those who like Suguru ( I understand you, I also like Suguru, we share the same vice !), I provide you with three new Suguru puzzles.  Stay tuned because I intend to update, this Autumn, the rules (Rules of Suguru) in order to explain how to solve the most complicated Suguru. But now this is three gentle puzzles.


Suguru 6X8 n 163

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_6X8_00163.pdf

Solution : suguru_6X8_00163_sol.pdf


Suguru 6X8 n 164

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_6X8_00164.pdf

Solution : suguru_6X8_00164_sol.pdf


Suguru 6X8 n 3684

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_6X8_03684.pdf

Solution : suguru_6X8_03684_sol.pdf

Ok that's all folks !

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Suguru e no: 6

As I have recently published a book on Suguru (Suguru Challenge V 2 -see article  : New book: Suguru Challenge v.2 -  ), I take the occasion to present you some Suguru puzzles.

Suguru 5X7 no 1020


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: suguru_5X7_01020.pdf.

Solution : suguru_5X7_01020_sol.pdf


Suguru 5X7 no 1021


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: suguru_5X7_01021.pdf.

Solution : suguru_5X7_01021_sol.pdf


Suguru 5X7 no 1022


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: suguru_5X7_01022.pdf.

Solution : suguru_5X7_01022_sol.pdf


Suguru 5X7 no 1023


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: suguru_5X7_01023.pdf.

Solution : suguru_5X7_01023_sol.pdf

Enjoy !!!.


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New book: Suguru Challenge v.2:

Suguru Challenge 2

I am proud to present you my latest book Suguru Challenge v. 2. If you had liked Suguru Challenge v.1 you  would like this one. It has the same kind of puzzles with the same sizes and difficulty levels. And for the other who have not bought my previous book it will please you also.

This book is available on Amazon: Suguru Challenege 2.

Examples of puzzles 

This is two examples of Suguru puzzles that you could find in my book.  

Suguru 15x5 no 94

Puzzle : suguru_15x5_00094.pdf

Solution : suguru_15x5_00094_sol.pdf



Suguru 15x5 no 95

Puzzle : suguru_15x5_00095.pdf

Solution : suguru_15x5_00095_sol.pdf

Stay tuned, I am working on new techniques for solving Suguru, the hardest puzzle. I will update my rules page and present you extreme Suguru.

 Have a great time !!!.

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