Rules Bee Words

Bee Words Rules

Welcome to the Bee Words puzzle. 

This puzzle is one of my creations, This is a hidden words puzzles on steroid ! The rules are the same : find and mark all the words (from a list) inside a grid. At the end the remaining letters form the hidden word. The diffirence is that the grid is composed of hexagonal cells and the letters of a word can be arranged in a straight line, but also (most often) in sinuous lines that go in all directions. See for example the word "Workshops" which appears in the grid.

When trying to find a word, you may have the choice between two (and sometimes more) cells containing the same letter to form the word. In this case, be careful and try to find other words to eliminate one of the choices. It is up to you to find the right letter sequence!

Here is the grid solution.


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