Sticklinks' Rules

Sticklinks' Rules




This puzzle, invented by Terry Stickels, is a brain busting entertainment. The goal is simple. A grid has letters from a quote and you must draw a path that passes through all the letters in order of the quote. In fact, you have toreconstruct the quote. The path must visit all the letters and must never pass over the same letter twice. The path goes in all directions from one letter to another (horizontal, vertical and diagonal).   

Below the grid, there are underlined spaces to write the letters found. These underlines give you clues about the number and size of the words in the quote. 

To help you, the first letter of the quote is circled in the grid and in the underlines one letter per line is revealed.

In the example the first letter is the A and the first word contains only one letter. The second word contains three letters and the second letter of the quote can be one of 5 letters that touch the initial A. After some effort the second word is MAN. You continue until you find the quote.  


If you want to solve the  grid

Here is the solution.


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