Hanidoku e : no 5

The characteristic of Hanidoku puzzle is that the grid is hexagonal instead of being rectangular like other puzzles like Sudoku, Hanidoku,etc.... It allows you to think differently because each cell is part of one row and two diagonals (Rules of Haniddoku). So this is 2 new Hanidoku just for you.


Hanidoku n 180


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: hanidoku_13_00180.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_13_00180.pdf

And the second one.



Hanidoku n 181


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: hanidoku_13_00181.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_13_00181.pdf

Have fun !!.


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Hanidoku e : no 4

Time flies to fast !!. The last time I published Hanidoku puzzles was more than 4 months ago. So this is two Hanidokus, I like these puzzles because they are challenging and fun at the same time. What that what else do we need ?. If you want to know the rules ( Rules of Haniddoku). So the first one.


Hanidoku no 105

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : hanidoku_13_00105.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_13_00105.pdf

And the last one.


Hanidoku no 106

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : hanidoku_13_00106.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_13_00106.pdf

Enjoy !!


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Hanidoku e : no 3

This is three Hanidoku (see rules : Rules of Haniddoku ) for your pleasure.

Hanidoku 14 n 142

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :hanidoku_14_00142.pdf

Solution: hanidoku_sol_14_00142.pdf

Hanidoku 12 n 143

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :hanidoku_12_00143.pdf

Solution: hanidoku_sol_12_00143.pdf

Hanidoku 14 n 144

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :hanidoku_14_00144.pdf

Solution: hanidoku_sol_14_00144.pdf

Enjoy ! and stay tuned, I am finishing the conception of a new puzzle.


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Hanidoku e: n 02

I want to whish to all my readers a merry Chrismas and an Happy new Year. So enjoy this new Hnidoku (Rules of Haniddoku). Stay tuned, another new puzzles are coming for 2016.

Hanidoku no 75

The printable files PDF.


Solution: hanidoku_sol_13_00075.pdf

Hanidoku no 76

The printable files PDF.


Solution: hanidoku_sol_13_00076.pdf

Hanidoku no 77

The printable files PDF.


Solution: hanidoku_sol_13_00077.pdf


Hanidoku : n 01

This is a puzzle that will please you. First to break the monotony of the puzzle with square cell, I present you aan hxagonal puzzle with hexagonal cells. The goal is to put the number 1 to 9 in the cells such that at the end each row and diagonals (don't forget it has two kinds of diagonal : ascending and descending) contain sequence of succesive numbers.For more details  Rules of Haniddoku. So I give you, to try it, 3 easy puzzles but with enough challenge to have fun

Hanidoku no 2

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : hanidoku_13_00002.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_13_00002.pdf

Hanidoku no 3

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : hanidoku_14_00003.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_14_00003.pdf

Hanidoku no 4

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : hanidoku_12_00004.pdf

Solution : hanidoku_sol_12_00004.pdf


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