Bee Words

New Book: Bee Words Swarm

This is my lates book: Bee Words Swarm.

This puzzle: Bee Words is one of my creations and it is a letters puzzles.  I have done logic, numbers and Sudoku puzzles but I have also made some letters puzzles but I have not yet published letters puzzles. I will try to remedy at this imbalance in the following months.

The Bee Word (Bee Words Rules) is a version (on steroid) of the hidden word. You have to find out in a grid all the words from a list. At the end after you have found all the words, the remaining letters in the grid form the hidden word. The challenge is that the grid has the shape of a hive: all the cells are hexagons. Then the words may be placed in the grid in a path having sinuosity. Also a letter in the grid belong to only one word. It could happen that when you try to identify a word in the grid that you find the same letter in two different cells. In this case it is better to wait and to find another word to place to elimnate one of the two letters. Because, lke a labyrinth if you select the wrong letter you could end in a deadlock. It is up to you to find the correct letters. 

I am sure the Bee Words is a puzzle that will pleased you.

Bee Word Swarm is available on Amazon UKAmazon US and any other Amazon websites. This book has 228 puzzles of different sizes to give you hours of fun.

I present you two puzzles, to give you an idea of the charms of this game.



Bee Words 8x8 :53


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: bee_8X8_00053.pdf

Solution: bee_8X8_00053_sol.pdf


Bee Words 10x11 :76


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: bee_10X11_00076.pdf

Solution: bee_10X11_00076_sol.pdf

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