Rules of Suguru

Rules of Suguru


The Suguru is a logic puzzle like no other. Puzzles come in different sizes and levels of difficulty. All you need to solve it is logic. The rules are simple: A grid contains different regions (outlined in bold) from sizes 1 to 5. Your task is to fill the grid so that each cell contains a number. The only constraint is that the numbers are limited by the size of the region. For regions of size 1 you put only 1, for regions of size 2 you put 1 and 2, then following the same principle. a region of size 5 must be filled by numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5. A cell cannot have the same number than any other neighbouring cell touching it (not even diagonally).

This is a grid with a solution.


I have decided to produce more difficult Suguru (Extreme). Then I want to distinguish the regular Suguru ( those in my books Suguru Challenge 1 & Suguru Challenge 2) and the new ones. These last ones will have, instead of a stars, a little thermometer indicating the level of difficulty (the themometer could have three states indicating the level). 

I have not seen any other reference about how to solve difficult Suguru. Then I have decided myselt to name each technic. some name is inspirated from the technics of Sudoku.


How to solve a Suguru example : example of resolution of a Suguru

Some basic techic : the pair : Basic technics for solving a Suguru. This article is just a smal reminder about the concept of pair. 


For the extreme Suguru I have three levels of difficlty depending of the technic you use to solve it. I have written the technic for the first level. I will add the others gradualy. With these technics you will be able to solve nearly all ot the most complicated Suguru. This is the technics that I was able to figure out. For some other Suguru I was unable to solve it. So, in this case, I was unable to descibe the technic.  



Extreme First Level



First level :



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