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My name is Martin Duval. I am a puzzles creator, but I consider more myself like a craftsman. What I like the most is to create new puzzles, modify existing ones to increase their ludic aspects. All began in 2005 with the appearance ofSudoku, at firts I liked to resolve this puzzle, but sooner I began to be more interested in finding rules on how to resolve them, and  above all how to create them. At this moment I knew that I had more pleasure in creating puzzles than in resolving them. Gradually I touched other puzzles than Sudoku like Kakuro, Futoshiki , Battleship, etc. Against it was not enough, I began to surf the web, looking for unusual puzzles, asking me how to improve these puzzles, how to render these puzzles more fascinating.

Martin Duval

Finally I succeeded to create totally new puzzles like the Hyper Sudoku 3D, the Spark Sudoku I was not limited to Sudoku and his variants. I touched to dot-to-dot puzzle, word puzzle, logic puzzle and labyrinth.

 I have always been more interested to put my energy in the process of creating puzzles than by looking for the diffusion of my puzzles. It has alway been more pleasant, for me, to concentrate on how to create new games than to look for publishers (the marketing side) for my puzzles. I could say that my inner marketing skill is very poor. After 10 years of creation, I resent the need to let more people know my puzzles. I want to exchange with those who like my puzzles. So, after a lot of procrastination, I have begun to learn a lot of new stuff relating to the conception of web site like: Joomla,Template, CSS,etc... And, like it was not enough, I have the crazy idea to publish a bilingual website English/French. I handle my website the same manner that I develop my puzzles and my books: all by myself which implies a lot of trials and errors ( I told you that I am a craftsman). I edit by myself my books and I have created all the covers (I assume the peculiar look of some).

This website is for the puzzle fan that looks for original and unusual puzzles, for puzzles never seen elsewhere. This website will grow, have more contents, have more new puzzles and even improve (If ever I master well the website stuff). I hope that this website will enjoy you and don't be afraid to communicate with me.

Finally, for the human touch, I am an accountant married with two kids. I live near Montréal. I like playing soccer even if I am a very "ordinary player".




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