Bee Word Puzzle # 1

Bee Word Puzzle # 1

After all the emotions of the last weeks I am ready to present you two Bee Words puzzles (Bee Words Rules). This puzzles is like a Word Search puzzle on steroid. The rules are simples : each grid has a hidden word, to find it you have to locate all the words in the grid from the list below the grid. The letters left form the hidden word, each puzzle indicates the number of letter of the hidden word.  The difficulty is ( because the grid is composed of hexagonal cells ) that the words dont follow a straight lines, in fact most of the words follow a sinuous path.



Bee Words 8x8 :5


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: bee_8X8_00005.pdf

Solution: bee_8X8_00005_sol.pdf


Bee Words 8x8 :6


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: bee_8X8_00006.pdf

Solution: bee_8X8_00006_sol.pdf

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Have a fun !

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