Super Sudoku

Consecutive Super Sudoku 16X16 # 2

This week I present you two consecutive Sudoku. One for the Super Sudpoku 16x16 and th eother for the usual 9x9 Sudoku. The consecutive Sudoku has the same constraints than a usual Sudoku but also it has a new constraint : each numbers in cells separated by a mark (the white bar) must have a diffence of one (this why the name consecutive).  By example if a cell has a 4 and has a mark then the adjacent cell (the cell who share the mark) should have either 3 or 5.  This rule also implies that if no mark appears between two cells then the difference of the two numbers is greater than one. Enough discussion, try it by yourself !.


Consecutive Sudoku n 2


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : sudo_consec_00002.pdf

Solution : sudo_consec_00002_sol.pdf


Super Consecutive Sudoku n 2


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : super_consec_00002.pdf

Solution : super_consec_00002_sol.pdf


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Super Sudoku X 16x16


I present you a Super Sudoku 16x16 puzzle.  This is not a classic Super Sudoku, in fact it has  a supplementary constrain:  each long diagonal (grey cells) must contain a number from 1 to 16. When a puzzle has many constrains, it helps us to eliminate options. So enjoy this puzzle... it is  a perfect antidote against boringness.

SuperX Sudoku n 35


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_X_00035.pdf

Solution : super_X_00035_sol.pdf


This wonderfull puzzle (and many more other Super Sudoku variations) could be find in the book Super Sudoku 16X16 Variations (Amazon UK)

Super Sudoku Variations

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