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I am proud to present ma latest book : Arrow Maze Challenge.

This is a book about Arrow Maze puzzles which contains 320 puzzles in 5-grid size (from 4x4 up to 8x8). You have to recreate a path that passes in all the cell of a grid. You have two kinds of clues to help you . 1) Some cells have numbers indicating their rank in the path. 2)  In the cell an arrow indicates the next cell in the path. With just that and your judgment, you are able to recreate the path.

They are three puzzles of size 6x6 waiting to be resolved.

Rules : Rules of Arrows Maze


labyfleche lafe 6x6 : 387

Puzzle :lafe_6x6_00387.pdf

Solution :lafe_6x6_00387_sol.pdf


labyfleche lafe 6x6 : 388

Puzzle :lafe_6x6_00388.pdf

Solution :lafe_6x6_00388_sol.pdf


labyfleche lafe 6x6 : 389

Puzzle :lafe_6x6_00389.pdf

Solution :lafe_6x6_00389_sol.pdf

Arrow Maze Challenge will please you, this book is ideal to stimulate your brain. It is available on Amazon.

Arrow Maze Challenge
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Have a good day !

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