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This is an adaptation of the popular letters puzzle : Wordle. You must find a word, based on clues from a word’s list. In the list the color of the cell indicates the clue if the cell is

  • White: the letter does not belong to the word.
  • Gray: the letter belongs to the word, but at a different place.
  • Black : The letter belongs to the word at the same place.

At the beginning a clue is giving and a keyboard is giving to help you. This is an example with a 5-letter word with a list of 5 words.

We know from the list that the word has B,S and E in positions 1,3 and 4 and that the reminder letters are A and D, the  word is BASED.

I can change some parameter like the size of the word and the size of the list to provide you more fun.

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