Sudoku Limit # 11

Sudoku Limit # 11

The Sudoku Limit puzzle (Rules of Sudoku Limits  ) is special because it has no givens, the clues appear in the box with a big X, these clues indicate that the number in the box appears in the cells facing this number up to the next box or the edge. Also (like the standard Sudoku) each column and row must have all the number only once.  For the following puzzles use numbers from 1 to 7.  



Sudoku Limits 9X9 n 43

 The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : cadre_9_000043.pdf

Solution : cadre_9_000043_sol.pdf  



Sudoku Limits 9X9 n 44

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : cadre_9_000044.pdf

Solution : cadre_9_000044_sol.pdf 


As usual enjoy !

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