Even Sudoku # 4

Even Sudoku # 4

The even Sudoku is easier to do than the standard Sudoku because it gives us additional information: the grey cells must contain even numbers (2,4,6,8), this implies that the white cells have the odd numbers. I provide you two puzzles a standard 9x9 Sudoku and a 16x16 Super Sudoku.  Enjoy and relax !



Sudoku even n 49


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_even_00049.pdf

Solution : sudo_even_00049_sol.pdf


Super even n 10


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_even_00010.pdf

Solution : super_even_00010_sol.pdf


You can find Super even Sudoku puzzles in Super Sudoku 16X16 Variations

Have a good day !


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