Sudoku 3D #13

Sudoku 3D #13

There are 3 Irregular Sudoku 3D puzzles (Rules of Sudoku 3D). The Sudoku 3D will bewilder all those who are used to the straight lines of the standard Sudoku. On the contrary, in this puzzle the columns and rows start from one side of the cube and end on the adjacent side of the same cube. In addition the regions have irregular shape instead of being rectangular. 

The Sudoku 3D ouzzle is a refreshing diversion for your mind. Remember to use numbers 1 to 8 in each column, row and region. Welcome to this new  paradigm. There are three 4x4x4 puzzles waiting for you !




Sudoku 3D , 4x4x4 n 1625

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: cubic1_8_001625.pdf

Solution : cubic1_8_001625_sol.pdf

Sudoku 3D , 4x4x4 n 1626

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: cubic1_8_001626.pdf

Solution : cubic1_8_001626_sol.pdf

Sudoku 3D , 4x4x4 n 1627

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: cubic1_8_001627.pdf

Solution : cubic1_8_001627_sol.pdf

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