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Here's a variation of the Word Search puzzle that increases the challenge and the fun : The 3D Word Search. It consists of word jumbles arranged on a cube-shaped grid. 

You have to find a mystery word in a grid filled with letters. All the words in a list are placed in the grid in all directions (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) and all directions (left to right, right to left, bottom to top or top to bottom). Once all the words are found, the remaining letters in the grid form the mystery word.

These are the same rules as for the traditional Word Search, but because the grid is three-dimensional, a word can start on one side of the cube and extend to one or even two other sides of the cube. 

Here is an example of how words can be arranged. This is a cube of size 8x8x8 (there are also cubes of size 10x10x10 and 12x12x12) that contains 4 words. Since there are three visible sides, the grid contains 192 cells (about the size of a 14x14 square grid).

The word "game" (see number 1) is placed vertically from bottom to top and occupies one face. The word "agenda" (see number 2) is also placed vertically, but it starts on one side of the cube and ends on another side (still vertically).

The word "field" (see number 3) is placed diagonally, it starts on one face and when it continues on another face, it continues to go through the squares diagonally. The word "situation" (see number 4) is an example of a diagonal word that travels 3 sides. I want to emphasize, proudly !, that it is only here that you could see this particularity of having words that can occupy three sides. 

Of course, as in any good Word Search puzzle, letters in a grid can be part of several words.  

At the end the remaining letters form the mystery word. The letters are read face by face: the top one first followed by the left face and then the right face. On each side the letters are read from left to right and from top to bottom. See the example below with the word "dancing".

If you like word puzzles then the fun of solving this game on a 3D grid will be magnified!


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