Penrose Sudoku # 1

I have added a new puzzle to my collection, the Penrose Sudoku (Rules of Penrose Sudoku).

This spectacular puzzle is slightly easier than a classical Sudoku, you use numbers from 1 to 8, you have only five region and you have a total of 40 cells instead of 81. But on the other side the rows and column go in any direction instead of being straight like the classical Sudoku. I can guarantee you that this puzzle will challenge and entertain you. To initiate you I provide you three puzzles, 2 easy and the last one medium.




Penrose no 28


Solution :sudo_pene_00028_sol.pdf



Penrose no 29


Solution :sudo_pene_00029_sol.pdf



Penrose no 11488


Solution :sudo_pene_11488_sol.pdf

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