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This is my adaptation of the popular letter game called WORDLE. The aim is to guess a word from the clues given in a word list. It works a bit like Mastermind. In the word list, the color of the letter box gives clues. So if the 

  • box is white: the letter is not part of the word.
    Grey: the letter is part of the word, but located somewhere else.
    Black: the letter is part of the word and in the same place.

Using these clues, enter the word in the empty boxes. A keyboard beneath the grid helps you cross out the letters.
This game lends itself well to variations in word size and word list. Here are two puzzles, the first with a 5-letter word and the second with a 6-letter word.

Rule Rules of Wordle


1  clue: OUCH !)

wordle 5x5 n: 16

Puzzle :wordle_A_5x5_00016.pdf

Solution :wordle_A_5x5_00016_sol.pdf


Règles : Régles du WORDLE

2) cle: Action

wordle 6x6  n: 16

Puzzle :wordle_A_6x6_00016.pdf

Solution :wordle_A_6x6_00016_sol.pdf

Have funr.


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