Ripple Effect # 3

Ripple Effect # 3

The Ripple Effect puzzle  (Rules of Ripple Effect) looks the same as the Suguru, the distinctions are that you can put the same number in a diagonal cell, and that in a column or a row two numbers N must have at least N cells before them without having the number N. If a cell has a 5 then in the next five cells , up, down, right or left no must 5 appears.  Try these two puzzles will please you !.



Ripple 8x10 : 3


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: ripple_8X10_00005.pdf

Solution : ripple_8X10_00005_sol.pdf




Ripple 8x10 : 1610


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: ripple_8X10_01610.pdf

Solution : ripple_8X10_01610_sol.pdf

Have good time !


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