Alive and Kicking !!

Alive and Kicking !!

LIVE: Incident majeur en cours

This week was difficult for Innoludic. The server where Innoludic resides (Herbergement Web Canada HWC)  had a major incident last Saturday (Incident). The result was that many data was wiped and also that the backups were corrupted. It was unsure if ever Innoludic will reappear. This means that more than 6 years of publication would have been lost. I was afraid that it was the end of this adventure.

Fortunately, the employees of HWC have worked  hard to try to recover the data and they have succeeded after six days to restore Innoludic.  I want to thank them. Bravo !!!

It could be possible that some little bugs remain ( PDF files missing, bad link, etc..) , if ever you find one please contact me.

This week, I will check if everything is OK then after I will start to publish new articles. I have a lot of ideas for new puzzles and new books for the nexts months.

I want to thank you for your patience and especially for your loyalty. Your visits are appreciated.

Have a good week !!

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