New Book : Sudoku 3D Challenge vol 2

New Book : Sudoku 3D Challenge vol 2

This is my last book. I envy you : so many books, so many funs. I believe that I need to give you fresh new puzzles, this is why I have published in the last two months around 8 books (english and french). Now I present you : Sudoku 3D Cahllenge vol 2. The first volume was published 5 years ago, so this is not a a luxury. This book was popular, probably because I am th only one making this kind of puzzle, thus I believe it will please all the fans of the first volume. . 

This book is packed with different Sudoku 3D of different sizes :4x4x4, 6x6x6 and 8x8x8, different shape : regular or irregular regions. Even you could fin Hyper Sudoku 3D. 


You could find this book on

Amazon US :Sudoku 3D Challenge v 2

Amazon UK : Sudoku 3D Challenge vol 2

By the same occasion I provide you, examples of the kind of puzzle that you could find in this book: (Rules of Sudoku 3D).



Sudoku 3D 8 n 18752
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018752.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187522_sol.pdf




Sudoku 3D 8 n 18753
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018753.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187523_sol.pdf




Sudoku 3D 8 n 18754
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018754.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187524_sol.pdf

 To conclude I hope that you will like this book as much as the first one. 

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