Chain Sudoku Challenge

My newest  book :Chain Sudoku Challenge

Chain Sudoku Challenge

With Chain Sudoku puzzles ranging from size 5X5 up to 9X9 this book is a must for anyone who loves to resolve puzzles. These puzzles will challenge you with there three difficulty levels. Many books exist with only one puzzle's size Chain Sudoku Challenge contains 5 differents grid sizes. Chain Sudoku Challenge is a reference in Chain Sudoku, this book is a pure source of enjoyment !!!! 

Available at 

AMAZON.UK   : Chain Sudoku Challenge

AMAZON.COM  : Chain Sudoku Challenge

Below you will find a sample of the puzzles inside this book.


1) Size 5x5 : use numbers from 1 to 5.

Chain Sudoku 5x5 n 244


The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : sudo_chain_5_000244.pdf

Solution : sudo_chain_5_000244_sol.pdf


2) Size 6x6 : use numbers from 1 to 6.

Chain Sudoku 6x6 n 322


The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : sudo_chain_6_000322.pdf

Solution : sudo_chain_6_000322_sol.pdf

3) Size 8x8 : use numbers from 1 to 8.

Chain Sudoku 8x8 n 11189


The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : sudo_chain_8_01189.pdf

Solution : sudo_chain_8_01189_sol.pdf

You will love it !!!

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Pocket Suguru

My latest book : Pocket Suguru

With 160 Suguru puzzles this book will please you. With a convenient size (5.5x7) Pocket Suguru will follow you everywhere :Waiting room, bus, etc.


AMAZON.UK   : Pocket Suguru

AMAZON.COM  : Pocket Suguru

Below you will find some examples of Suguru in this book.

Suguru 13x16 n 134


The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_13X16_00134.pdf

Solution : suguru_13X16_00134_sol.pdf



Suguru 13x15 n 135

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_13X16_00135.pdf

Solution : suguru_13X16_00135_sol.pdf



Suguru 7x14 n 123


The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_7X14_00123.pdf

Solution : suguru_7X14_00123_sol.pdf

You will love it !!!

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Update of the book section.

Notice to all.

Thie update of my book section is something that I have procrastinated for so long (with great shame). So I have decided to take to bull by the horns and now the list of all my available books is updated. Available Books

New Book : Sudoku 3D Challenge vol 2

This is my last book. I envy you : so many books, so many funs. I believe that I need to give you fresh new puzzles, this is why I have published in the last two months around 8 books (english and french). Now I present you : Sudoku 3D Cahllenge vol 2. The first volume was published 5 years ago, so this is not a a luxury. This book was popular, probably because I am th only one making this kind of puzzle, thus I believe it will please all the fans of the first volume. . 

This book is packed with different Sudoku 3D of different sizes :4x4x4, 6x6x6 and 8x8x8, different shape : regular or irregular regions. Even you could fin Hyper Sudoku 3D. 


You could find this book on

Amazon US :Sudoku 3D Challenge v 2

Amazon UK : Sudoku 3D Challenge vol 2

By the same occasion I provide you, examples of the kind of puzzle that you could find in this book: (Rules of Sudoku 3D).



Sudoku 3D 8 n 18752
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018752.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187522_sol.pdf




Sudoku 3D 8 n 18753
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018753.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187523_sol.pdf




Sudoku 3D 8 n 18754
Puzzle : cubic1_8_018754.pdf
Solution : cubic1_8_0187524_sol.pdf

 To conclude I hope that you will like this book as much as the first one. 

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Latest book : Sumo Challenge 3

I am on fire, in the last two months I have published more books than in the last two years. The mean reason is that my real job is calmer therefore I have more time to put on my website and my books.

Today I present you Sumo Challenge 3. I was the first to publish Sumo puzzles in 2009 (nearly two years ago). I have seen a lot of people publishing Sumo puzzles books (always on another name than Sumo) but as always the first is always the best. 

So this book is the third of the series, it has 64 Sumo puzzles and the above all the same pleasure that you have found in my two previous books. 

Sumo Challenge 3:

You could find this marvelous book at :

Amazon USA : Sumo Challenge 3

Amazon UK : Sumo Challenge 3

Amazon Canada : Sumo Challenge 3 


And now just to tease you I provide you a Sumo Puzzle

Sumo n 80
Puzzle : Sumo_00080.pdf
Solution :Sumo_00080_sol.pdf
Have fun !!!
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