Maxi Sudoku 25X25

Maxi Sudoku 25X25

This is my latest book : Maxi Sudoku 25x25

Maxi Sudoku 25x25

As the title suggests : it is a book filled with 25x25 Giant Sudoku puzzles sorted in three difficulty levels. My posts on Maxi Sudoku have always been popular, then to please all the Maxi Sudoku fans I have published a book just for your enjoyment. 

You coul find this book: :Maxi Sudoku 25x25  :Maxi Sudoku 25x25

And to celebrate this newcomming I am presenting you a Maxi Sudoku

Maxi Sudoku : 46

  The printable files PDF

Puzzle : maxi_25_000046.pdf

Solution : maxi_25_000046_sol.pdf

Have a good week.

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