A super Sudoku in the land of giants: 25X25

A super Sudoku in the land of giants: 25X25

One of the most favorite puzzle in this site is the Super Sudoku, which is Sudoku of size 16X16, so the number 1 from 16 are used. I understand that some people like it when it is bigger. But it happends that some other people like it when is even bigger than the 16X16. So for them, I present the Super Giant Sudoku of size 25X25 !!!. This puzzle has 25 rows,columns and regions, and you must use the number from 1 to 25. The best quality to solve ot : patience. Just to show you the differnce I present you alos a "standard" Super Dudoku of size 16X16.


Super Sudoku no 60


The printable files PDF.


Solution :super_00060_sol.pdf


And now the Giant Super Sudoku 25x25.


Giant Super Sudoku 25x25 no 1


The printable files PDF.


Solution :maxi_25_000001_sol.pdf

Enjoy !!


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