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A super Sudoku in the land of giants: 25X25

One of the most favorite puzzle in this site is the Super Sudoku, which is Sudoku of size 16X16, so the number 1 from 16 are used. I understand that some people like it when it is bigger. But it happends that some other people like it when is even bigger than the 16X16. So for them, I present the Super Giant Sudoku of size 25X25 !!!. This puzzle has 25 rows,columns and regions, and you must use the number from 1 to 25. The best quality to solve ot : patience. Just to show you the differnce I present you alos a "standard" Super Dudoku of size 16X16.


Super Sudoku no 60


The printable files PDF.


Solution :super_00060_sol.pdf


And now the Giant Super Sudoku 25x25.


Giant Super Sudoku 25x25 no 1


The printable files PDF.


Solution :maxi_25_000001_sol.pdf

Enjoy !!


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Super Sudoku 16X16 e :no 7

To celebrate the coming of spring, nothing is better than solving Super Sudoku. This is one of your favourite puzzles, each publication of this puzzle in this blog has generated a lot of interest among the fans of Super Sudoku. Then for your delectation I offer you two new puzzles.

Super Sudoku 16X16 no 3760

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : super_03760.pdf

Solution : super_03760_sol.pdf

The second one.


Super Sudoku 16X16 no 3761

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : super_03761.pdf

Solution : super_03761_sol.pdf


Also don't forget that you could win a book if you resolve a Super Sudoku 16X16 three Dimensions (Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2). I recognize that this is not an easy task, but a victory without risk is a triumph without glory.

Have a good day


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Super Sudoku 16X16 e no 6

The fans of the Super Sudoku will be pleased to see two new puzzles.

Super Sudoku 16X16 n 131


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_00131.pdf

Solution : super_00131_sol.pdf

And the next one.

Super Sudoku 16X16 n 942


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_00942.pdf

Solution : super_00942_sol.pdf

If you like these puzzles you can find a lot of Super Sudoku in my book Super Sudoku Challenge 1 available on AMAZON. This book will please every lover of Super Sudoku, this is one of the best gift for them.  

Super Sudoku Challenge 1


Enjoy !!!


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Super Sudoku 16X16 e :no 5

This week I presente you two Super Sudoku puzzles. For those who don't know this puzzle, you use the same rules of the Sudoku but you need to use the numbers from 1 to 16. The first one

Super Sudoku 16x16 no 2

The printable files PDF.


Solution: super_00002_sol.pdf

And the last one.


Super Sudoku 16x16 no 211

The printable files PDF.


Solution: super_00211_sol.pdf

Enjoy !!!.

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Super Sudoku 16X16 e :no 4

For those who like Super Sudoku , this is two Super Sudoku to satisfy your appetite.

Super Sudoku 16x16 n 39

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_00039.pdf

Solution: super_00039_sol.pdf


And the last one with fewer clues.

Super Sudoku 16x16 n 813

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_00813.pdf

Solution: super_00813_sol.pdf

Don't forger if you like this puzzle, you could find my book Super Sudoku Challenge no 1 which contains a lot of Super Sudoku puzzles.  ( click on the banner at the right to go to Amazon)

Enjoy !!

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