Sudoku Limits: 1

Sudoku Limits: 1

This is some Sudoku Limits, see Rules of Sudoku Limits . I show you the  sizes just to let you appreciate this puzzle. First 2 puzzles of size 6X6

Sudoku Borne 0003
Sudoku Limits 0003

The printable version  PDF

Puzzle : cadre_6_00003.pdf

Solution cadre_6_00003_sol.pdf:

And the second.

Sudoku Borne 00026
Sudoku Limits 00026


The printable version

Puzzle : cadre_6_000026.pdf

Solution cadre_6_000026_sol.pdf

And now a Sudoku Limits of size 9X9, don't forget to use number 1 to 7.

Sudoku Borne 9 00003
Sudoku Limits 9 00003


The printable version PDF

Puzzle : cadre_9_000003.pdf

Solution cadre_9_000003_sol.pdf

And last a grid of size 12X12  with number 1 to 9.

Sudoku Borne 12 000051
Sudoku Limits 12 000051


The printable version PDF

Puzzle : cadre_12_000051.pdf

Solution cadre_12_000051_sol.pdf


Voilà c'est tout et amusez vous


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