Sudoku Labyrinth e :5

Sudoku Labyrinth e :5

It is the time again for Sudoku Labyrinth (Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth ) then I present two new ones with labyrinth forms, note they are a little bit harder than usual, but with little patience and reflexion you will resolve them.

Sudoku Labyrinth no 40302

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Col_laby_6_3_040302_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth no 40303

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Col_laby_6_3_040303_sol.pdf

 And the last two have the conventional shape of a spiral and by the same occasion they are easier than the first two.

Sudoku Labyrinth no 47

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Colima_7_3_000047_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth no 48

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Colima_7_3_000048_sol.pdf


If you want more of these puzzle, don't forget that I have the only book on the subject : Sudoku Labyrinth Challenge 1.

Sudoku Labyrinth Challenge 1