Sudoku Labyrinth

Sudoku Labyrinth no 6

This is four new Sudoku Labyrinth for your pleasure, if you want to refresh your memory about the rules ( Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth). The first three have the same size ( the first two are easier) and use the number 1 to 3.

Sudoku Labyrinth 5 3 no 10


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: Colima_5_3_000010.pdf

Solution: Colima_5_3_000010_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth 5 3 no 20


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: Colima_5_3_000020.pdf

Solution: Colima_5_3_000020_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth 5 3 no 577


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: Colima_5_3_000577.pdf

Solution: Colima_5_3_000577_sol.pdf

 And for he last one you need to use the numbers form 1 to 4.

Sudoku Labyrinth 8 4 no 15


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: Colima_8_4_000015.pdf

Solution: Colima_8_4_00015_sol.pdf


Enjoy !!


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Sudoku Labyrinth e :5

It is the time again for Sudoku Labyrinth (Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth ) then I present two new ones with labyrinth forms, note they are a little bit harder than usual, but with little patience and reflexion you will resolve them.

Sudoku Labyrinth no 40302

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Col_laby_6_3_040302_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth no 40303

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Col_laby_6_3_040303_sol.pdf

 And the last two have the conventional shape of a spiral and by the same occasion they are easier than the first two.

Sudoku Labyrinth no 47

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Colima_7_3_000047_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth no 48

The printable files PDF.


Solution : Colima_7_3_000048_sol.pdf


If you want more of these puzzle, don't forget that I have the only book on the subject : Sudoku Labyrinth Challenge 1.

Sudoku Labyrinth Challenge 1

Sudoku Labyrinth e : 4

These Sudoku Labyrinth will please you, (rules Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth), they use the numbers 1 to 4 and havethe shape of spiral.

Sudoku Labyrinth 8-4 no 6

The printables files PDF

Puzzle : Colima_8_4_000006.pdf

Solution :Colima_8_4_000006_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth 8-4 no 2635

The printables files PDF

Puzzle : Colima_8_4_002635.pdf

Solution :Colima_8_4_002635_sol.pdf

Sudoku Labyrinth 8-4 no 2646

The printables files PDF

Puzzle : Colima_8_4_002646.pdf

Solution :Colima_8_4_002646_sol.pdf

 Enjoy !!


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Three new Sudoku Labyrinth

This is three new Sudoku Labyrinth in three levels of difficulty : Easy,Medium and challenging. 

The first one, the easier, has 10 clues.

Sudoku Labyrinth 0008

The printable file PDF

Puzzle :Col_laby_7_3_000008.pdf

Solution: Col_laby_7_3_000008_sol.pdf

The medium

Sudoku Labyrinth no 125

The printable file PDF

Puzzle :Col_laby_7_3_000125.pdf

Solution: Col_laby_7_3_000125_sol.pdf

And the last one

Sudoku Labyrinth no 5612

The printable file PDF

Puzzle :Col_laby_7_3_005612.pdf

Solution: Col_laby_7_3_005612_sol.pdf

If you want to know the rules : Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth

Enjoy !.

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Two new Sudoku Labyrinth

This is the time to resolve these two Sudoku Labyrinth. You must enter the sequence 1,2,3,4 (as indicated in the top of the puzzle). So the first one

Sudoku Labyrinth (1218)

As usual this is the printable puzzle

Puzzle: Sudoku Labyrinth 01218.pdf

Solution :Sudoku Labyrinth 01218_sol.pdf

And if ever you want more: the second one with the printable files.

Sudoku Labyrinth 1273


Puzzle: Sudoku Labyrinth 01273.pdf

Solution :Sudoku Labyrinth 01273_sol.pdf

The rules are at : Rules of Sudoku Labyrinth

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