Sudoku Chain : no 3

Sudoku Chain : no 3

This is the time to solve Sudoku Chain, then the first two puzzles have a size of 6x6, so you must use the numbers from 1 to 6.


Sudoku Chain n6x6 no 34

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_chain_6_000034.pdf

Solution: sudo_chain_6_000034_sol.pdf

Sudoku Chain n6x6 no 61217

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_chain_6_061217.pdf

Solution: sudo_chain_6_061217_sol.pdf

And the last two puzzles have a size of 8X8, then you are required to use number from 1 to 8.

Sudoku Chain n8x8 no 9

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_chain_8_000009.pdf

Solution: sudo_chain_8_000008_sol.pdf

Sudoku Chain n8x8 no 159

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_chain_8_000159.pdf

Solution: sudo_chain_8_000159_sol.pdf


Enjoy !!!.

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