Super Spark Sudoku # 7

Super Spark Sudoku # 7

Last week I talked about Spark Sudoku, now I provide you with a Super Spark Sudoku puzzle. The rules are the same (Rules of Spark Sudoku), do not forget to use numbers 1 to 12. Like the Spark Sudoku, you can only see these puzzles on this website. So enough talking, lets play !

Super Spark 5 n 5

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : spark_6_5_00005.pdf

Solution : spark_6_5_00005_sol.pdf


For the lovers of this puzzle, be aware that you could find plenty of Super Spark Suduku puzzles in my book Super Spark Sudoku Challenge 1. It is the perfect book for those who are boring with the conventional puzzles.

Have a good day !!.


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