Super Spark Sudoku e : 1

Super Spark Sudoku e : 1

Like the Spark Sudoku, the super Spark Sudoku have four different shapes : pentagram (star with  5 points) ,hexagram ( 6 points), heptagram (7 points) and finaly octogram (8 points). You must put the number form 1 to 12 in each column, row and region (see Rules of Spark Sudoku ). To give you an idea of the puzzle I present you the four different flavors of Super Spark Sudoku.

First the heptagram

Super Spark Sudoku


To have the print version in pdf

Puzzle:  spark_6_5_00002.pdf

Solution :spark_6_5_00002_sol.pdf 

The hexagram.

Super Spark Sudoku (6)


Puzzle: spark_6_6_00002.pdf

Solution :spark_6_6_00002_sol.pdf

The heptagram

Super Spark Sudoku (7)



Puzzle: spark_6_7_00002.pdf

Solution :spark_6_7_00002_sol.pdf

And last the octogram


Super Spark Sudoku (8)



PUzzle: spark_6_8_01737.pdf

Solution :spark_6_8_01737_sol.pdf


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