New book : Snowflake Sudoku puzzles !

New book : Snowflake Sudoku puzzles !

I want to take the occasion to inform you that I have just published a new book called Snowflake Sudoku Puzzles. As the name indicates this book contains 200 Snowflake  Sudoku puzzles. 

Snowflake Sudoku puzzles

The fans will find two different puzzles’ sizes (the regular and the large) divided in three difficulty levels. For those who don't know this puzzle, let me tell you that this puzzle is enough challenging to tease your brain without racking it.   In addition to its hexagonal gird the Snowflake Sudoku is a perfect diversion from the  square grid of the usual Sudoku.

Snowflake Sudoku puzzles is available on Amazon US , Amazon UKAmazon Canada.

.To let you judge by yourself I provide you examples of Snowflake Sudoku puzzles.

Snowflake n 300


The printable files PDF

Puzzle :floc_00300.pdf

Solution :floc_00300_sol.pdf

Snowflake n 301


The printable files PDF

Puzzle :floc_00301.pdf

Solution :floc_00301_sol.pdf


Snowflake g n 303


The printable files PDF

Puzzle :gfloc_00303.pdf

Solution :gfloc_00303_sol.pdf

Snowflake g n 304


The printable files PDF

Puzzle :gfloc_00304.pdf

Solution :gfloc_00304_sol.pdf

Have a good day !

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