Outside Sudoku # 15

Outside Sudoku # 15

This week I present you two Outside Sudoku (Rules of Sudoku Outside). The has no given all the clues are around the grids. The numbers around indicate that they are in one of the the next firts  cells. For example the first puzzle has 1 in the first row then the number 1 appears in any one of the frirst three cells of this row but it also indicates that 1 does not appear in the last 6 cells of this row.

Enjoy these two puzzles. 


Outside Sudoku : 644


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Outside_00644.pdf

Solution : Outside_00644_sol.pdf

And the second one.

Outside Sudoku : 645


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Outside_00645.pdf

Solution : Outside_00645_sol.pdf


If you like this puzzle you could get my book Outside Sudoku Challenge 1.  You will love it. 


Enjoy !!

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