Outside Suduku # 14

Outside Suduku # 14

OK I know times are tough, we must for our safety stay at home, in quarantine.  Many of us dream about evasion, being outside. This is why I present you this week two Outside Sudoku (Rules of Sudoku Outside). The clues are not on the grid but around it. They indicate that they are placed in the next three cells following the order of the clues. As for the first puzzle, the clues 9,4,1 above the fourth  column means that, in this order, that 9,4 and 1 are in the in the first 3 cells.

The outside Sudoku compel us to eliminate candidates, for example if a row of column has only 5 as clue,  this means that this number is in the first 3 cells but also that this number is not in the last 6 cells. What is missing is something more important than was is appearing (like the bikini).  

So enjoy these  two puzzles. 


Outside Sudoku : 3181


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Outside_03181.pdf

Solution : Outside_03181_sol.pdf

And the second one.

Outside Sudoku : 3182


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : Outside_03182.pdf

Solution : Outside_03182_sol.pdf


In tyhe case that you fin d your confinement begins to be boring, let me to suggest you to buy my book  Outside Sudoku Challenge 1. It will noyt end your confinement but it will be a little bit more enjoyable !.


Enjoy !!

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