Killer Sudoku

It is not everyone that love Killer Sudoku. but for the few ones that love this puzzle it is an addiction. It is understandable resolving a KIller require a lot o subltelty and concentration. I intend to write a section for the rules. But mainly it have the same rules that regular sudoku but the KIller has an additional feature :  cages. A cages is a dotted box delimited some cells with a number, the he sum of the number in  the cell nust equal the number appearing a the top of the cage. Usualy a Killer has no givens.  So this is three puzzles.

KIller Sudoku no 1

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_000001.pdf

Solution : killer_000001_sol.pdf

KIller Sudoku no 6206

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_006206.pdf

Solution : killer_006206_sol.pdf

KIller Sudoku no 7951

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : killer_007951.pdf

Solution : killer_007951_sol.pdf




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