Sudoku Jigsaw # 5

It has been a long time since I published Jigsaw Sudoku. I present you this puzzle in two forms : the first is an usual Sudoku and the last is a Super Sudoku 16x16.

 To begin, I offer you the  9x9 puzzle.


Sudoku Jigsaw n 2


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudo_choas_00002.pdf

Solution : sudo_choas_00002_sol.pdf

2) And the Super 16x16.

Super Sudoku chaos n 22


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: super_chaos_00022.pdf

Solution : super_chaos_00022_sol.pdf

I would like to remind you that you can find Jigsaw Super Sudoku puzzles in my latest book : Super Sudoku 16x16 Variations. This book is full of Super Sudoku in many forms and shapes. It is a must for all fans of Super Sudoku

Super Sudoku 16x16 Variations
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Super Jigsaw Sudoku 16X16 # 1

This is the first variation of the Super Sudoku that I present you : the Super Jigsaw Sudoku. Instead of having  4x4 square regions this puzzle has regions of irregular shape. You will be disconcerted at first but I assure you that you will love this special flavor. 

Super Jigsaw Sudoku : 5

The printable files:

Puzzle :chaos_16X16_00005.pdf

Solution : chaos_16X16_00005_sol.pdf


Do not forget to come soon for an another variation of the Super Sudoku.

Have a good day !

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Sudoku Jigsaw no 4

Ok the last article about these puzzles was in 2016. In order to please the fans of Jigsaw Sudoku I am providing  you three new puzzles.

Jigsaw Sudoku no 100


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : chaos_000100.pdf

Solution : chaos_000100_sol.pdf

# 2


Jigsaw Sudoku no 101


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : chaos_000101.pdf

Solution : chaos_000101_sol.pdf

# 3

Jigsaw Sudoku no 102


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : chaos_000102.pdf

Solution : chaos_000102_sol.pdf


Enjoy !!!

Jigsaw Sudoku e : no 2

This is two Jigsaw Sudoku for your pleasure. The difference with the last ones ( Jigsaw Sudoku) is that the regions are symmetric by rotation of 180 degrees.

Jigsaw Sudoku Symmetric no 001

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : chaos_000001a.pdf

Solution : chaos_000001a_sol.pdf

Jigsaw Sudoku Symmetric no 002

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : chaos_000002a.pdf

Solution : chaos_000002a_sol.pdf

 If you enjoy these puzzle you could find plenty of them in my book Jigsaw Sudoku Challenge 1 available on Amazon.

Jigsaw Sudoku Challenge 1


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