Super Sudoku Three Dimensions # 3

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions # 3

The Super Sudoku (16X16) Three Dimensions (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions) could been seen only on this website. This puzzle could take a lot of different shape, in fact I have estimated that I am able to create  232 847 different configurations.  It looks daunting with its impresive combination of three Super Sudokus (of size 16X16) shaped as a three dimensional Sudoku. But this not a reason to not take the challenge, in fact this puzzle will keep you busy for long time. But at the end you will feel pride of having tamed the beast. You need to enter the number from 1 to 16 into each region (box of 16x16) and each row and column. The row and column are dertermined by the 4 first regions in line with an edge. So if you start on one edge (anyone) you have 8 regions before reaching the other edge of the puzzle. The bold lines indicate the separation beetween two columns or rows.  

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions n 2420


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : sucu_g_12_2_02420.pdf

Solution : sucu_g_12_2_02420_sol.pdf

One of my New Year's resolution is to publish a book about this monster this year. 

I wish a good week to anyone who survives this puzzle, and for the other also !!!.

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